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The Power of Happiness by Jeff Allen

‘Happiness is not a random event. It is a by-product of living a deliberate, fulfilled and worthwhile life.’ In this volume Jeff Allen extracts knowledge, experience and humour from his 20 years of resilience and personal leadership coaching on the Sunshine Coast.

‘As you make relevant inner changes you begin to notice your outer world changing as well. Then when you pay attention, it becomes obvious that your outer world has changed in response to your inner changes. This is the beginning of real empowerment in action.’

‘The Power of Happiness will engage you in self-discovery, offer you personal leadership coaching and show you how to live that life … a life with enduring meaning and satisfaction.’ Join the tribe, grab your FREE e-copy below, or get a hard copy on the Sunshine Coast via ‘Contact’.

‘This book offers you hands-on guidance on how to change old patterns so you can consciously move from feeling disconnected or unsatisfied, to your true nature of inner strength, certainty and inner contentment.’ You could also consider some personal coaching.

I absolutely recommend The Power of Happiness as a fresh, clear and inspiring view
of shaping our Diamond Brilliance. Sunshine Coast resident Jeff Allen has woven practical exercises into deep understanding to support our learning, growth and self-discovery. Loved the book!”

Debbie Hogg – The Pocket Rocket Coach PCC

Personal Leadership – Causes of Happiness

1. Developing Positive Mind States. This requires Intention, Focus and Persistence
2. Living a Meaningful life – you Flourish when living a Sense of Purpose
3. Creating small, meaningful goals and ticking them off as you achieve them
4. Recognising your Precious Freedoms and Opportunities every day – gratitude!
5. Having Fun
6. Doing for Others spontaneously without expecting anything in return
7. To Accept Life by changing what we can and learning to be ok with what we cannot
8. Knowing you intimately. See how you co-create your life circumstances
9. Dealing with the past to the degree it presents a problem in the present
10. Find Meaning in suffering – pain can become a stimulus for Real Growth!
11. Training the Busy Mind to become still encourages Inner Peace and Happiness
12. Practicing (mindfulness) Meditation regularly to still the busy mind (Learn a Technique)
13. Forgiving everybody we are in conflict with. Not to do so hurts us more than them
14. Not taking life too seriously

15. Temper the Mind; Nurture Emotion; Vitalise the Body; Be of High Spirits
16. Know you make a Difference. ‘Inner Peace before World Peace’ the Dalai Lama
17. Don’t wait for the world to change. Be part of the Solution (not the problem)
18. Find Meaning in life – discover your Passion – decide!
19. Create a Life Purpose that is greater than yourself
20. Learn to engage Head and Heart – either one alone is an unreliable witness
21. Engaging in Personal & Spiritual Development. Happiness is not a random event
22. Practice Equanimity – be OK with whatever is happening – yet take needed action
23. Unhook from the Past – Glimpse the Future – yet Live in the Now!
24. Engage support from a friend, a family member or a professional. We all need it
25. Do Something Radical!
26. Remember, you can’t find Happiness – it finds you

Personal leadership coaching allows you to discover your hidden inner workings, process and release any past road blocks – and create your unique, finite goals!

‘It is not the Mountain we Conquer but Ourselves’
Edmund Hillary

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